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Woke up about 5:45, fairly solid nights sleep as far as I can remember. Had a sore throat yesterday, and  stupid amounts of tiredness, but that seems to have gone.

Today's plans:
* Shopping list
* B&Q
* Get some clothes washed

Shopping list: I need to:
* See what state it's in
* Rebuild the front end for mobile
* Add some more user stuff:
* add friends
* change password
* add new user
* Copy over the deploy stuff and get it deployed

B&Q is cat flap (Storm's been outside a bit (on a lead) the last few days with Husband), strimmer head (grass is getting long), Husband wants a catch for the cupboard under the stairs, and we're going to take a look at garden furniture (for the future where the overtime happens).

Finally (for now), I need to do the washing because I skiped it last week. Also, I specifically want to get a pair of trousers cleaned so I can get the tear mended.

06 Mar 2020 08:21 #blog#feelings Permalink
Yup, that worked.
Gods, I'm feeling crap morning. Just drained of everything. I'm telling myself "last day of training" but it's not helping. Trainer implied we'd be done by lunchtime (and that's only because he effectivity skipped a couple of modules) but I've got my doubts.
I've also been thinking that "private" was a mistake. Do I really want other people reading this stuff? (And yes, I do, it's just "no one likes me" paranoia).
Idea: Add a mood tracker?
Edit on mobile is still not perfect, the page header crashes the first line of the editor, and there are weird scroll effects when I select words. Maybe this is why Facebook has such a small edit pane?

06 Mar 2020 06:49 #blog#morning Permalink
Woke up at 06:40, a solid nights sleep. Feeling ok, half a day of training and then a three day weekend.
The edit box is to wide with the extra drop downs, I'll put tags on it's own line and allow the other controls to wrap.

05 Mar 2020 23:04 #blog Permalink
Got editing working (I think), added entry states (so I can have draft entries, and private entries).

Otherwise, time for bed.

05 Mar 2020 15:59 #sql#training Permalink
Turn off clustering for indexes that use GUIDs as IDs - SQL Server maintenance scripts

05 Mar 2020 11:49 #sql#training Permalink
Training Day 4

Use Alerts and Jobs to watch the % of log used, and back it up automatically when it hits 85-90%.
Use WMI Alerts to watch deep stuff (including CPU/memory/disk limits)

05 Mar 2020 08:17 #blog#Husband Permalink
Sqeeeee, I waved to my honey out the back of the bus!

Also, edit is mostly working. At husband's suggestion I ditched the archive idea and that's made edit much more simple.
I've got a problem where the content is being escaped when I don't want it to be. Currently (like, this morning) I'm dropping the content into a text area as a fallback, and then upgrading to the rich editor when JavaScript kicks in. Question: do I need to support no script browsers in the editor?
Obviously, I 'should' from a certain point of view, but realistically the only users are going to be me and Husband, and we both use current browsers. Also, I'm not testing the no script stuff, and it's never going to be very good.
But I don't like it. Maybe it's the commitment? I keep trying to think of a situation where I've only got a no script browser (i.e., I don't have my phone, or my phone doesn't have a connection) but I still need to make a post. (Writing that has put the idea of caching posts in local storage if I can't post them.)

Trying K-pop on Spotify (because it made the suggestion, and because what's the point of having all this music if I don't listen to it), so far so not impressed.

Today is more training. Also need to start the work from home conversation with TL (cause Husband is high risk for bad things from COVID-19). Let's see how that goes.

05 Mar 2020 06:45 #blog#husband Permalink
Showing off the editor to my husband, hello husband!
He says:
* Undo stack
* Font, text justification, size, colour
* Blog layout editor - show a sample post (including header/footer) so users can change the layout of their own blog
* Images (float left, float right, full width)
* Osric's a loveley

05 Mar 2020 06:24 Permalink
Woke up at six ish again, not a very smooth nights sleep. Got more dreams than I like, today was trying to get Ansible installed on a bunch of work machines. My TL (manager/boss/whatever) showed up for the first time, that's a bit worrying.
Updated the blog with the css from yesterday, it's a much nicer experience. I think I'm going to move the edit controls into the fixed header so I can always see them on mobile. Alternatively, I could make the edit box shorter (max-height: 50vh) so the keyboard doesn't sit on top (and scroll it in an irritating way).
Paragraphs are still too close together, I guess i need a --margin-medium. Also, should indent the first line.
I'm starting to like the idea of auto posts, I could poke my calories sheet at midnight and post a summary.
However. Breakfast and time to say good morning to husband.

04 Mar 2020 14:56 #blog#css Permalink
More CSS tweaks for the blog
(and I am thinking more about titles for entries)

Keep the header at the top of the page:
header > { position: fixed; top: 0; background: linear-gradient(180deg, var(--background) 0%, var(--background) 70%, rgba(255, 249, 239, 0) 100%); width: 100%; height: 2em; }

body > header h1 {
/* add */
margin-top: 1em;

Entries should be pre:
.entry > div {
white-space: pre-wrap;

- Also, need to make sure that the CSS for entry display and entry edit is the same.
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