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Her Radiance Alex IX, Empress of Ten Thousand Suns, sits on the Throne of Jewels in the city of Grandson in orbit around the star Centrum, waiting for your answer.
Not personally, of course. The Empress of Ten Thousand Suns is a busy individual and doesn't concern herself directly with the appointment of sub-sector governors. But the courier from the Imperial Civil Service (Department of Stellar Management) is watching you impatiently.
You read the message again. Stripped of the formal (and archaic) language it's a job offer. Taxes in the Green-Delta-Six sub-sector are below requirements, and The Empress (well, someone with contacts in the ICS) wants you to take control and fix it.
You'll initially have control over the governments and resources of four systems, including two intersystem freighters. It's up to you how you gather the Imperial taxes.
You can direct investment into researching more efficient manufacturing techniques. You can bring new systems into the Empire. You can even try raiding your neighbors stockpiles for resources. The Empress just demands two things. Pay the tax, and keep the peace.
If you do well, you will be promoted to sector governor, or even higher. The fact that the message (as the courier gleefully told you) is written on the skin of the previous office holder gives you an indication of the price of failure.
Well? Do you want to gamble everything for the chance of untold riches and the favour of the Emperess?
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