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21 Nov 2020 10:38 Permalink

Ptah - Disks:

I've got four disks in the machine, two 2.7Tb HDD, two SSD (one 230Gb and one 160Gb).

/dev/sdd1 (2.7Tb HDD) is the Dr Who drive, all allocated
/dev/sdc2 (2.7Tb HDD) is the media drive, with my home directory, and the storage for VMs. About 1Tb allocated.

/dev/sda3 (230Gb SSD) is hosting the current root (60G). /dev/sda has also got /boot and /boot/efi.
/dev/sdb1 (160Gb SSD) is currently laying fallow.


1) Check that I can run a DHCP server separate from the virgin box.
2) Build a new root for ptah around that and VM hosting
3) Build a samba domain controller VM
4) Build a deploy test VM - There's no point in this now that nuit is holding backups.
5) Buy more storage on nuit.

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