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I can write a browser extension that has access to my bookmarks, so I can strip mine then and upload them to the database. Great, but so what?
* Archive/Backup. Load in old bookmark files, do a bit of de-duping, and voila.
* "Link of the day", pulling links at random out of the archive. Note that link rot has probably killed many if not most, which leads to:
* Automated link checking. Periodically try to load all the bookmarks and look for 404s.
* Link transfer. Rather than mailing links to work, just bookmark pages and check here when I get in.

Writing the extension looks easy enough. I was hoping to get away without a UI, but I'll need at least an "upload" button for after I've imported an old file. Other than that, there is an onnewbookmark callback I can hook into.

I'll need at least one db table - user id, title, url, added at, last checked?, last status? - and I'll probably spilt contact attempts into their own table.
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