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31 Aug 2020 19:51 #progress#website Permalink
Google photo download service is done and integerated into the (new) file upload/image gallery.
I want to move some of the code around to reorganise the projects (specifically, I don't think Google rates it's own project, it can live in Root), but the functionallity works well. I've added a table to the DB that links the Google ID for a photo to the DB ID for the photo, so I can get a list of photos from Google and compare it to my known (and downloaded) list, and download any new photos.
It's not on a timer yet, but that's theoretically easy to add. On the other hand, I don't take that many photos.

I've updated the formatting for the weather widget on my homepage, and I'm quite a lot happier. I'm now showing all the 1 hour data availible, but in a way that allows me to scroll on a small screen (theoretically, I've tested it but not uploaded it yet). This is due to the magic of "position: sticky".

"position: sticky" (sticky from here on in) is a CSS property that tells the tagged element to "stick" to the edge of it's parent when the content inside the parent scrolls. This makes implementing e.g. fixed table headers trivial. I've added it (roughly) to the main website layout, but the best place to see it is the image gallery (which is a shame, because that's not public yet).

* Forward (with/without attachments)
* Satisfy myself that the IMAP/SMTP setup is secure and stable
* Sieve, to filter spam (and maybe a general rules editor)
* Get Husband's signoff on his version of the CSS
* Use it enough to find any other rough edges (This is the irritating one, but I might be able to setup some ssh tunnels from nuit to geb to help)
* Rebuild my interface round sticky

Website general
* Tidy the top menu (move page menus out of the top menu)

* Basic photo editor (resize, rotate, crop. I've got some kind of half-arsed idea about stringing commands together, but it's not really complete)
* Tags
* Descriptions
* Add a "Sync with google" button

* Aside/Footnotes
* Optional titles?
* Redo the archive/main interface with sticky
* Add a "Load more entries" button that pulls the next n entries (JavaScript)

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