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Phew. That was a day.

Bit of a thing with husband this morning, left me feeling right crap. Nearly fell asleep during trainig, a can of coke woke me up. I'm a bt worried that I'm developing a caffine dependency to offset the tired from the antidepressents. On the other hand, the antidepressents are mostly working (I've been feeling pretty good mostly lately) and taking drugs to help with the side effects of drugs is part of modern medicine.

Traning was OK. Today was database backups (tomorrow is restore). There was a good explanation of the types of backups; roughly full backups are a snapshot of the data, differential are the data that's changed since the last full (not since the last differential), and transaction log backups give enough data to make a point in time restore (more recent than the last full backup).

It looks like a good strategy looks something like take a full backup at the weekend, differntial every night during the week, and transaction backups every 15-30 minutes during the day. Obviously this depends on the database and useage pattern, but it should be a good start for something like Tracker/Ocelot. (COBRA probably wants something like a backup before each run, but we'll think about that later).

The highlight of yesterdays training was database partitioning. That gives databases fairly good isolation from each other, so (e.g.) apps don't/can't tread on each other. The rest of yesterday was hammering in that running everything as the superuser isn't a good idea. Oh, well. It's fixable with scripts once we've got a good way of injecting user/password data into apps.

Blog development is suffering from my brain problems (see above). On the other hand, I've setup a user to isolate the blog server, and written a one-click deploy script that builds the code, ships it to the server, backs up the database, unpacks the code, and restarts the blog server.

I've also enabled client-side caching for the 'static' assets (the site css, and the JavaScript for the editor). Static in quotes because I dont want to just cache them forever - especally doing development they can change fairly frequently, or can be stable for months (if I loose intrest).

Luckily, ASP core has a solution. Add 'asp-generate-version' to the script tag (or the link, or the img) and the src/href will get the hash of the file appended automatically. So I can say cache forever (well, two weeks at the moment) with a clear heart knowing that the next time the files change they'll get reloaded.

Otherwise, the TODO list looks something like:
* Adding editor commands for 'code', 'list', 'strikethrough'
* Fixing the editor to allow the commands to work on elements as well as text nodes
* Support for editing entries. (Editing is easy - just load an existing entry into the editor, but I want to add a history as well, and that's a bit trickier)
* Better mobile formatting

Anyway. Just finished Captain America, time for Avengers Assemble.

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